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News for Package Template

Latest Version: 3.1c (21 Aug 2003).
Requirements: Emacs-20.2, XEmacs-20.2, or higher.
No menu support for Emacs before Version 21.1.
Licence: GNU General Public License.

Changes with Release 3.1c

Changes with Release 3.1

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy file template/lisp/template.el into your load-path and byte-compile it.
  2. Insert the following code into your Emacs init file (~/.emacs):
    (require 'template)
  3. If you want to customize package Template, use M-x customize-group RET template RET or the customize entry in menu Options.
  4. You might want to copy the template files from directory template/templates/ to ~/.templates/ and change them according to your preferences.

Installation instructions with further explanations can be found in file template/INSTALL of the distribution.

Christoph Wedler, 21 Aug 2003