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Template Package for Emacs

When you create a new file with Emacs, package Template supplies an initial buffer content via a template: a file with normal text and expansion forms. There is a menu to easily create such templates. You can also use new commands to decorate comments and update the buffer contents.

The main difference between Template and other similar packages is that you can define very flexible templates without having to learn Lisp or changing your Emacs init file. This package does not help Lisp programmers to define complex macros.

There is a menu to support the creation of template files. Additionally, this package provides the following features:

Read some notes on related Emacs packages. Check the details for new sub-menus and further explanations. Check the news for the newest version number, recent changes and installation instructions. At SourceForge.net, check the project summary and download the package.

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Christoph Wedler, 14 Mar 2003